Frequently Asked Questions

What are the turf dimensions?

Each roll is 2500mm x 400mm. Thickness is 10-20mm. Average weight is 14kg.

What is the best turf for a shaded area?

Rolawn Fine Rye is most shade tolerant.

Do you have turf that can be mown less frequently?

No, the faster your lawn is growing, the better it is going to be which unfortunately means frequent mowing.

When is the best time of year to lay turf?

The beauty of turf is, it can be laid at any time of year.

How much water needs to be applied to establish turf?

There is no definitive answer. In dry windy conditions more water is required. Enough water needs to be applied to keep the turf moist all the time for the first couple of weeks. Always use a sprinkler.

How soon does turf need to be laid?

On the day of delivery unless advised otherwise by Rolawn.

When can we walk on and mow the lawn?

When the turf has rooted into the soil below. At this point it can take light traffic.

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