Lawn Turf

ROLAWN New Season Tall Fescue

Tall Fescues are climatically tough, but they must be allowed to establish a mature root system so cutting corners at installation will only hinder the plants performance.


  • Dark green colour
  • Medium-coarse leaf texture
  • Tolerates mottled shade
  • Climatically robust with added winter activity
  • Tolerates wet and dry
  • Mowing heights between 40 – 80 mm
  • Fair wear tolerance
  • Pest resistance

Retail $19/m2 inc delivery* & gst

ROLAWN New Season Kikuyu Blend


Lighter in colour, springy coarse and tough. The ideal turf for more rugged play areas and where irrigation may be limited. Self-repairing and low maintenance. Does not like the cold. Certain times of the year it can be oversown with a Rye/Fine Fescue blend.


Retail $19/m2 inc delivery* & gst

Lawn Maintenance

ROLAWN General Purpose Fertiliser

Encourages root development to aid the rapid establishment of a new lawn.


Retail $60 inc gst


  • Turf is sold in 1 square metre rolls (dimensions 400mm x 2500mm)
  • Installation of turf should commence as soon as it arrives on site. 


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